Students are required to obtain a certain number of credits per year for the course that they are registered for. You will find this information in the faculty prospectuses.

Degree Majors consist of 120 credits in a main subject taken from first to third year.

“General” degree programmes normally require 2 majors. The advantage of this is that the student could pursue postgraduate study in either of the 2 majors. This is useful if the student wants back-up options or if he/she is unsure of their future career path.

Non-general courses or professional courses (pharmacy/accounting/law etc) already have a majors allocated to them.


Career Information Resources

  • A-Z of Careers (Resource Centre; public library)
  • Pace on computer (
  • Prospectus
  • A-Z booklet –please double check the career info on this publication before use. Has had problems in the past)
  • Faculty Officers


Evaluating the Career Environment

A useful tool that students can use when they gather career information is SPEEDCOP.

SPEEDCOP is an acronym, and stands for the following:



What sort of environment would the occupation offer? i.e., indoors/ outdoors, office, own or shared office, lab; noise; cleanliness.



What does the future hold for this occupation?


Entry and training

What training do you need for this occupation?



What effects will this occupation have on your lifestyle? Will you be required to do shift work or work long hours? Will you be required to travel?



What will you do in this occupation? What do you like and dislike about this occupation?  



What is the salary like? The hours? Holidays? Will there be another benefit such as car, housing or medical aid schemes, pension fund, and annual bonus?

Are there any conditions you really want, or dislike?

It may be difficult to determine the conditions at this stage as it is dependent on the employing company, however, it is important to start considering general trends in the industry.



Are there any employment opportunities in this occupation? What trends are currently occurring in the market? Consider the global nature of the world of work and employment opportunities at both a national and international level.

How does the occupation fit the overall organization?



What role do people play in this organization? Does it involve: Working alone or with others? Dealing with the public? Meeting new people? Working with people in a helping /leading/ influencing role?






Telephone No.


Executive Dean Prof Pamela Maseko South Building 1301 2187
Manager: Faculty Admin Drucilla Nzioki South Embizweni. room 056 3252
Faculty Administrators Nadeema Azem South Embizweni. room 055 2802
Faculty Administrators Mandie Muller South Embizweni. room 057 4608
Faculty Administrators Noxolo Mngonyama South Embizweni. room 054 2855
Faculty Administrators Noluvo Jela South Embizweni. room 057 3478

Business Economics

Executive Dean Prof Hendrik Lloyd South Main Building 0910  
Managers: Faculty Admin Adanaan Smith 2nd Ave Bldg 409 - Room 017 3802
Faculty Administrators Fundiswa Ngubo 2nd Ave Bldg 7 ground floor - Room 30 2120
  Tammy Bulembu South   2248
  Danistia Gert Missionvale Bldg 502 ground floor - Room 116 1178


Executive Dean Dr Muki Moeng South Bldg 11 - Room 00 05 2953
Manager: Faculty Admin Ridaa Salie South Bldg 11 - Room 00 06 2125
Faculty Administrator Jackie Hay South Bldg 11 - Room 00 06 4568

Engineering, the Built Environment and IT

Executive Dean Dr Oswald Franks North C Block, Room C252 3283
Manager: Faculty Admin Jonathan Dorothy North C Block, Room C112 3447
Faculty Administrators Jorinda Botha North C Block, Room C113A 3480
  Jason Ah Tow North C Block, Room C113 3660
  Hildegarde Boshoff North C Block, Room C112 3446
  Vatiswa Mbola North C Block, Room C112 3995

Health Sciences

Executive Dean Prof Zukiswa Zingela South M&P Bldg - Room 0126 2815
Manager: Faculty Admin Nouwaal Isaacs South M&P Bldg - Room 0123 2121
Faculty Administrators Vanessa Heunis South M&P Bldg - Room 0121 2957
  Marilyn Afrikaner South M&P Bldg - Room 0120 2956
  Heloise Levack South M&P Bldg - Room 0122 2749


Executive Dean Dr Lynn Biggs South Embizweni, Room 114 2190
Manager: Faculty Admin Nikki Terblanche South Embizweni, Room 104 2588
Faculty Administrator Dieketso Billie South Embizweni, Room 104 2474


Executive Dean Prof Azwindini Muronga South N/Science Bldg - Room 0211 2873
Manager: Faculty Admin Lynette Roodt South N/Science Bldg - Ground Floor 2268
Faculty Administrators Fiona Claasen South N/Science Bldg - Ground Floor 2679
  Yvonne Tembo South N/Science Bldg - Ground Floor 9922

Practical Information  

Prospective students pay a fee for career services rendered. There is a fee booklet at reception that can be used as a guide.


Campus for Offices

Admissions:  Based on South Campus

Financial Aid: Based on North Campus

Exam’s office: Based on North Campus

Student Records: Based on South Campus          


NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme)

Please visit the NSFAS website for more information and talk with staff regarding working with students on this bursary scheme.