Wondering what career to pursue after you finish school?

You are at the start of a very exciting journey! You may not realise this, but all your experiences and information that you have been acquiring about yourself is part of this journey, which means you have actually been involved in this process for some time.

Remember that this process is about you, and nobody knows you better than you know yourself! While this is true, make use of the information that people are giving you and match it with your own investigation. 

















Complete a Career Guidance Questionnaire 


You may also want to use the following as a guideline to screen career options as you work down your list.

S What are the surroundings like? Will I be working indoors/outdoors; In an office/factory
P What are the future prospects for this career choice? Will I find employment at a later stage?
E What effects will this have on my lifestyle? E.g. Will I need to travel; work overtime; shift work?
E What are the entry requirements in order to study or pursue this as a career choice?
D Description -What will I actually be doing on a daily basis? Is this what I thought it would be like?
C Conditions -What are the conditions in the industry like? What is the average income for this career? Does it normally come with benefits?
O What opportunities exist for me if I pursue this option?
P What role do people play? Will I be working alone/leading people/helping people? Will I be involved with the public?


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